How Does Zulutrade Make Money?

Founded in 2007, ZuluTrade – a Finvasia Group Company – is the first and the oldest copy trading platform. They are a very popular choice among investors and traders in the industry with a user-friendly copytrading platform. We offer impartial reviews of online brokers that are hand-written, edited and fact-checked by our research team, which spends thousands of hours each year assessing trading platforms. With over 16 years in the market, it has been serving clients across the world with a trusted and stable platform.

  • Apart from this, Zulu Trade is a platform where the follower investor has really the ability to manage his own fund in a professional manner.
  • Finally, if you are using ZuluTrade through one of the platform’s ‘Standard Brokers’ you will need to pay the monthly fee of $10 per copy trading strategy.
  • You will be guided through the process of setting up your account, selecting a trading strategy, and connecting your accounts.
  • Every action you take within your MT4 platform can be directly copied into the Zulutrade+ platform with ease.
  • For example, suppose a Signal Provider has gained 300 pips during the month, and at the stroke of the month he has closed all the operations, except for one, in loss of -300 pips.
  • In this case, the follower must decide in what proportion he wants to follow the trading orders of the Signal Provider, with clear reference to the Lot Size he uses.

Before we even begin, we’d like to point out the support that ZuluTrade itself offers its customers. Therefore, knowing how to analyze independently a Signal Provider’s performance and strategies is one of the most important factors for a good investment with Social Trading. ECS does not gain or lose profits based on your trading results and operates as an educational company. Remember that software’s past performance does forex broker reviews not ensure future results and you may lose some or all of your invested capital. The first section of the ZuluTrade Blog is the market news, which is the place where you can get the latest information coming from financial institutions. Here you can find information about different price movements, and what causes them, news coming from governments regarding different economic topics, and other relevant information.

For the analysis addicted, this is definitely a unique opportunity. This is the section where the social aspect breaks into the Signal Provider’s profile page, or, better to say, in ZuluTrade itself. Here you can find out what actually the followers investors think about the Signal Providers they have or they are following.

Zulutrade Trading Account Base Currencies

Zulutrade does not charge any fee for copying the trades of top traders and the only cost you will have to bear would be the spreads and commission charged by your broker. Copy trading is a type of automated trading that allows users to copy the trades of experienced and successful professional traders. It involves connecting accounts so that when one trader makes a trade, the same trade is automatically copied into another account. This allows followers to benefit from the expertise of these top traders without having to manually execute every trade.

You have to be sure of the times and the time zones in use, or you could easily get confused when you see the details of their operations. Suppose a Trader’s strategy does not provide for it, so he will open operations on a particular currency pair always in the same direction. The problem is that there could be another Trader who plans to open a trade on the same currency pair, but in the opposite direction.

  • By clicking on the calendar symbol and selecting the start and end date, you can also view a specific period.
  • 1y will be the last year of operations, 6m the last six months of operations, and so on until the last day.
  • You will need a valid email address and phone number to open a trading account with Zulutrade.
  • ZuluTrade is the oldest and most recognizable copy trading platform.
  • Zulutrade offers a range of social trading features to be available from their proprietary platform, which are all available on the ZuluTrade+ mobile app as well.
  • Generally, all brokers that can be linked with ZuluTrade offer an Islamic account on demand that can be opened at no additional cost.

In any case, this portfolio simulation tool is here precisely to give you a way to do all the tests and experiments you want, without the minimum risk of being hurt. The portfolio simulation function of ZuluTrade, called “Simulate my portfolio”, is certainly one of the most useful tools ​​available on this platform. Given the beauty and also the complexity of the topic, we have created a very detailed tutorial apart that will guide you step by step to the research and discovery of the best ZuluTrade traders. Finding the Maximum Drawdown as ZuluTrade does doesn’t mean to have identified the moment when the Signal Provider began to recover his losses.

What Is The ZuluTrade Minimum Copy Trading Fee?

Opening a trade better than your Signal Provider does not mean avoiding the stop losses. In addition, if you overdo it, you run the risk of not replicating many of the trades that maybe would have finished into profit. This means that if you want to do a simulation of one year with two Signal Provider, ZuluTrade will retrieve the last year data of those two traders, and will combine them together showing you the output and the performance. In practice, it shows you what you would have earned if, in that last year, you would had followed those Signal Provider with those settings. From direct experience, relying on the traders suggested by ZuluTrade itself is absolutely not a good strategy. When a trader rises to the honors of the chronology (and of the ranking) for the great performances, most of the time also means that the risks incurred to obtain those performances have been high.

ZuluTrade is best for…

You can, of course, set the lot size value, but also a whole range of interesting parameters. With this portfolio simulation instrument you can play and experiment far and wide, and test all you want. Point A is the starting point, that is the first day on which the ZuluTrade Signal Provider has not earned anything yet.

In addition, by passing over each columns’ sector you can see the actual number of operations. This Trader page is the starting point of your research and analysis experience with the Signal Provider attractive for your portfolio. There are several features on this page, some interesting, some really useful, or rather fundamental, one among all the advanced search tool, which works by filtering the entire list according to the search parameters you entered. The Follow button, instead, is the one to begin to follow the operation of that particular trader, therefore to link your account to his.

ZuluTrade Review – Step 1 : Signing In or Opening An Account

For example, the ability to withstand losses or to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses are material points which can also adversely affect actual trading results. These traders don’t close operations when they start losing, but they rather open others in the same direction to try to recover. What you need to be especially careful about are those Signal Providers who have dozens of different profiles.

One of the fundamental elements of that calculation depends on this leverage value. The next element is the Max Open Trades, where you can set the maximum number of transactions opened simultaneously that the Signal Provider can maintain. If you don’ set any limits, the infinity symbol is displayed, which indicates that all the operations opened by the trader on his account will be replicated. This function can become quite useful when using the Fixed calculation method, but it loses effectiveness with the Pro-Rata replication method, as you have already set a percentage of lots. Next to the shield icon, you can choose the Calculation Method for each trader.


This should help you establish who has been generating gains and losses in your account. Overall, we found the demo account easy-to-use and replicates many of the features you will get, should you choose to upgrade to a live account. The trader’s deposit and withdrawal options are entirely dependent on the broker they use as it does not facilitate payment processing. You can also choose Euro, GBP, JPY and AUD as your base currency for deposits and withdrawals. As mentioned above, it is a regulated platform that provides users with the tools and resources they need to make informed trading decisions.

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